The Coming Dark

Day 1 Page, 128

Journal 1

This is written going backwards from my own personal ritual book.

Day 1 Page 128
Mood: Optimistic
p. It’s interesting how much time can be spent in close area with five people and how much or little you can learn. I’m joined by two half lings, a drow, a creature clad in heavy armor, and a shady looking human. I think I’ll be okay it something were to happen.

When we arrived at the town of Blackwater I was a little disappointed. I was hoping for something more, water based to say the least. This will be a change from my port town, but hopefully this will be fun. Seeing a new town surrounded by nature will be enlightening.

So, I made the mistake of trying to go the lake which seemed closer when I last looked. The rest of the people I was traveling with walked into town. So I have no idea what is going on. This walk is pointless.

So, when I finally made it back everyone was having a problem with one guy blocking the stairs. Then almost as soon as I got there. It ended when the mayor I guess had shown, eh as long as there isn’t trouble.

So when people went to the Inn or to meet up with the same guy they were having trouble with, I decided that was the best time to stroll and enjoy the view. During the walk everyone promptly went with the hunter they seemed to not like and left. Oh well, at least I found something that looks like it could hold the words of the gods and goddesses. Figured I could waste time till It was time to go or I’m requested.

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